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Ohio Department of Public Safety - Certificate of Approval

Active Shooter Resources for Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities

We know healthcare personnel are concerned after recent active shooter incidents including those in Buffalo and Uvalde.  Even more troubling are shootings within healthcare facilities such as those at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, HCA Houston Healthcare, locally at Miami Valley Hospital, and most recently at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Dayton MMRS has a longstanding committee in collaboration with GDAHA, area hospitals, law enforcement and others.  That committee’s Training Workgroup developed materials to help agencies reassure and guide personnel, including flyers for preparedness and response, a video, and an accompanying PowerPoint.
Those materials are available for your use.  The video can be viewed online, downloaded to your learning management system here, or you can use the PowerPoint to deliver the material yourself.  Both flyers are editable documents that can and should be tailored for your facility (more information about tailoring them is below).

Please post both flyers and share the short video!  The Guide Flyer provides information on response, prevention, and preparedness.  The Response Flyer focuses on what to do in a moment of crisis.  Tailor each for your facility:

  • Facilities and networks can co-brand these with your own logos
  • You can use these in clinics, physician offices, urgent cares, and other healthcare locations by deleting the word Hospital
  • On each flyer, the phone number for your facility’s security must be added.
  • If your facility does not have armed law enforcement, you should remove the line for notifying hospital security and the phone number field in the “Communicate” section.  In those settings, personnel should immediately call 911. 
  • Facilities without armed law enforcement can also remove the underlined “including hospital law enforcement” line in the “Keep in Mind” section of the Guide Flyer. 
  • You need to add any special instructions for using 911 from work phones (such as dialing 9 first).
  • The Response Flyer should have the individual facility name added at the top.

Active Shooter Resources for Hospitals and Other Healthcare - Facilities Downloadable Materials

Download video presentation

Hospital ASI Guide Flyer v4.0
Hospital-Specific ASI Response Flyer v2.0
Hospital Active Shooter PPT v 3.0a_with voiceover
Hospital Active Shooter PPT v2.0a WITHOUT voiceover

COVID-19 Vaccination Training for EMS Personnel

This training covers use of Influenza and COVID vaccines. Because most of those vaccines are administered by IM injections, the training is primarily for AEMTs and Paramedics in the GMVEMSC region. To obtain Continuing Education credit from GMVEMSC for this training, complete the following components:

1. Watch the Dayton MMRS/GMVEMSC Video, “Vaccinations by EMS Providers

2. Watch two additional short videos:

3. When you have reviewed the materials above, click here to take the post-test and receive continuing education (CE) credit.

Additional resources available for you:

GDAHA/GMVEMSC Publications and Job Aids

Surgenet / OHTrac Training

Skills Training Resources

Law Enforcement Resources

Training with Continuing Education (CE) Credits

The following trainings have been provided for EMS personnel operating under the GMVEMSC protocols, and each provides free continuing education credit upon successful completion.

PPE Guidance for EMS and Law Enforcement
Video and Post-Quiz. 0.5 CEUs awarded for successful completion.

Regional MCI Communications and Exercise Training
Video and Post-Quiz. 1.50 CEU's awarded for successful completion.

Public Safety Worker Infectious Disease Exposure Reporting Policy Training
Video and Post-Quiz. 0.5 CEU's awarded for successful completion.

MARCS Radio Transition Training
Video and Post-Quiz. 0.5 CEU's awarded for successful completion.

SALT Triage Training
Video and Post-Quiz. 1.0 CEU's awarded for successful completion.

Triage Ribbon Training
Video and Post-Quiz. 0.5 CEU's awarded for successful completion.

Football Equipment Removal Training
Video and Post-Quiz. 0.5 CEU's awarded for successful completion.