QA/QI Criteria

Co-chairs: Randy Marriott, MD, and Chris Kyer, EMT-P

All QA QI representatives, please click here for the most current Endotracheal Tub QI Compilation table. Please use at your discretion for all intubations or advanced airway placement in your department. Please submit all to Chris Kyer for the next QA meeting.

Click here for the current Quality Improvement Audit Program and Criteria.

Click here for the current Quality Assurance Program and Criteria. (Large File - please allow time to download)

Click here for the QA Field Term.

Fax & e-mail: If you are unable to attend the QA/QI bimonthly meeting, please fax your completed QI topics to 937-228-1035 or e-mail to Chris Kyer.


ATTENTION EMS providers & fire departments:

The QI Committee encourages squads to review audit criteria at your EMS training.  Due to the mandate for EMS/Fire Depts. to start Trauma QI, we suggest using GMVEMS Quality Improvement Audit Program & Criteria as a guide.  Remember, to involve your medical advisor as an active participant of your department QI Committee.  You are encouraged and welcomed to bring your QI to our meetings.

2014 Dates and Topics:                                         

February 4


Overdose/poisoning, chest pain or cardiac dysrhythmias

April 1


Extremity injuries, abdominal pain, General illness and Pediatric illness

June 3


Hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia, refusal by crew or guardian, Maternity, vaginal bleeding, abuse/neglect/sexual abuse, CVA/TIA

August 5


Head trauma, multiple trauma, maternal trauma, peds trauma c-spine clearance

October 7


Cardiac arrest, heat illness, anaphylaxis, near drowning

December 2


Dyspnea, syncope/altered level of consciousness, seizures, combative patient

 Throughout 2011:

  • Procedures- Intubations, Chest Decompression and Cricothyroidotomy need to be reported.
  • Field Terminations
  • Sentinel events significant burns, hypothermia, Deliveries and newborn resuscitation