QA/QI Criteria

Co-chairs: Chris Kyer, EMT-P, and Randy Marriott, MD

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2016 Dates and Topics:           (If you are unable to attend the bimonthly QI meetings, please email your information to Chris Kyer.)                   

February 2

Overdose Poisoning, Chest Pain/ Cardiac Dysrhythmias/

Extremity Injuries/Abdominial Pain

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April 5


General Illness, Pediatric Illness, Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, Dyspnea

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June 7


Maternity, Vaginal Bleeding, Maternal Trauma, Post Delivery Neonate

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August 2


Head Trauma, Multiple Trauma (Adult), Multiple Trauma (Pediatric), Near Drowning

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October 4


Burns, Heat Illness, Seizures, Syncope/Altered Level of Consciousness

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December 6


Refusal by Crew or Gaurdian, Hypothermia, seizures, Combative Patient

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