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2014 Training Materials


2014 Skills Summary Sheets


2014 EMT Training Manual

2014 EMT Advanced Training Manual

2014 Paramedic Training Manual


2014 First Responder Pretest

2014 EMT Pretest

2014 EMT Advanced Pretest

2014 Paramedic Pretest


2014 Implementation Guide


2014 GMVEMSC Standing Orders Changes Powerpoint


2014 Quick Sheets

Paramedic Adult Quick Sheets

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2013 Training Materials


2013 Skills Summary Sheets


2013 Basic Training Manual

2013 Advanced Training Manual

2013 Paramedic Training Manual



2013 First Responder Manual Update and Pretest

2013 EMT Basic Training Manual Update and Pretest

2013 EMT Advanced Training Manual Update and Pretest

2013 EMT Paramedic Training Manual Update and Pretest



2013 First Responder Pretest

2013 EMT Basic Pretest

2013 EMT Advanced Pretest

2013 Paramedic Pretest


2012 Implementation Guide



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Recommendation for 2012 Skill Evaluator

2012 Skills Summary Sheets


2012 Changes


2012 First Responder Pretest

2012 EMT Basic Pretest

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2012 Paramedic Pretest


2012 EMT Basic Training Manual

2012 EMT Intermediate Training Manual

2012 EMT Paramedic Training Manual


2012 Optional Skills Training Manual


Functional Needs Shelter Triage Protocol

Dayton MMRS, in collaboration with the American Red Cross, Public Health - Dayton and Montgomery County, Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management, the Region 2 Regional Physicians Advisory Board (RPAB), and other agencies, has developed this protocol. It is used to help determine whether individuals with functional needs can be safely sheltered in a Red Cross Shelter during a disaster

This Shelter Triage Protocol is a pre-approved Just-In-Time Standing Order (JITSO), authorized by the RPAB for use by an agency assisting the Red Cross with shelter Triage. It will not become part of protocol books or protocol testing. It is intended to be printed and given to paramedics, nurses, and other healthcare personnel at the time of a shelter operation. The printable document can be found here.


2012 Quick Sheets

Adult Quick Sheets

Pediatric Quick Sheets



2011 Standing Orders Updates now available


The Greater Miami Valley EMS Council authorizes the use of the standing order protocols by organizations outside the GMVEMSC membership, with the caveats that 1) all references to Council must be removed, 2) Use of Council materials does not grant authorization to use the GMVEMSC drug bag or participate in the program.






2011 Training Materials


Skills Summary Sheets for 2011




2010 Training Materials


Note: the 2010 printed training manuals are still available for use in 2011, as these have not been reprinted.


Printed Training Manuals available – contact the Council office at to order now. 

This year, the cost of the training manual will also include the cost of the Quick Reference Guide. The cost for each level - Basic, Intermediate or Paramedic - is $7.00. If you would like to purchase them separately, the cost for either a manual or a Quick Reference Guide is $4.00. An order form will be posted for 2010 Manuals as soon as they are available for purchase.

If you want to print your own copy of the Training Manual, download here:


Post-Cycle Test Schedule

You MUST make arrangements with the respective EMS Coordinator to participate in testing. You must also present your completed pre-test and Post-Test Cycle Request Form!!


August 8, 2011, Springfield Regional Medical Center, Cafeteria,
19:00, Contact Terri Norris, 937-328-9314


October 12, 2011, Upper Valley Medical Center, 6 pm 15:00

Contact Tony Alexander, EMS Coordinator, 937.440.4886


December 5, Atrium Medical Center, 6 pm, 5th floor Auditorium, Professional Building.

Contact: Mike Jett, EMS Coordinator, 513-705-4711 to register


2009 Training Materials

2009 Training Materials Update NOW AVAILABLE! 

Click here for the 2009 Altered Standards Addendum

Click here for the Training Material 2009 updates

Click here for 2009 Implementation Guide

Click here for the Airway Management Training Powerpoint

Click here for 2010 Pre-Test

Click here for the Adult Protocol Powerpoint

Click here for the Pediatric Protocol Powerpoint


Continuing Education Units

In order to remain compliant with the rules and regulations regarding issuing CEUs for Standing Orders, we have revised how we will issue CEUs.


GMVEMSC will issue CEUs for reviewing the training manual, completion of the pre-test, review of pre-test answer key, and completion of the written exam as an independent study course. The hours will be 6.0 for EMT-Basic, 7.0 for EMT-Intermediate, and 10.0 for EMT-Paramedic.


Because of the requirement to have an EMSI or STI present for skills testing, we will no longer be issuing CEUs for the Skills portion of testing; departments who are approved training sites may issue CEUs for the skills training as appropriate.  


All components of our annual testing remain; providers must complete the independent study program including successfully completion of the written exam as well as successful completion of the Skills testing and Mega-Codes no later than May 31, 2008.


If you have any questions, please contact Bill Mangas at 937.395.6110 or via email.